If you didn’t know… .

I am a huge Sia Fan!

Absolutely nothing to do with my adventures but Sia was reported buying everyone’s items for them in disguise as CC the lottery winner and I just want to say- I LOVE HER for it! That is so cool to hear! I’m going to have a fan girl moment she’s my fave! God bless her! Her music really gives me light and energy 💕 would love to see her in concert one day. Adding to the Bucket List!!

Happy Turkey Murder Day

Now that I have your attention (I hope) it’s thanksgiving and I desire to make a video, to do something creative, to get out there and just do it all, but I am very exhausted after a full day of festivities. It’s actually not the typical thanksgiving we usually have this year but it was still traditional now it’s over… and I am tired. This post is really pointless just a foot in the door for me to at least post something because I struggle to find the right time to do all the things I Dream to do- and I just know I’m never going to find the right time if I don’t just do it now! So! I got my first pair of Nike shoes/ first shoes I have ever paid full price on and I am darn proud to say- Just Do It!

New things are arising and if I Just Do It I will have new content over the weekend. I Just Have To Do It. Then keep doing it. Then I will feel accomplished.

Don’t hold yourself back when you have the whole world in front of you!

(I just like this picture)

Keychain (1)

This item sold to its rightful owner this weekend at St. Michael’s. Thank you for your purchase. 🙌 #gotfansarethebest

New additions (1)

Introducing my crafted Key chains! They can latch onto any key, purse, wallet, belt, bag, zipper pull, you dress up whatever you please!

My First Power Lines

This painting was inspired by my Dad. He’s worked in Power Lines for longer than I’ve known him. We all have an admiration for storms he’s passed down to us, I just can’t make my lines as straight as he can 😉