Hello, WordPress World!

Dear potential follower, please read all.

I am here to say, Hi, to new and old WordPress friends. My name is Sam and I am a returning WordPress Blogger. My big “come back of the year” if you must. I once had a blog dedicated to writing. I loved to write. I wrote poetry, short stories, and am still in the middle of a few novels I would love to complete. Writing was my happy place to get away from all the things I mostly kept inside my vastly growing imagination. It helped me through every day life situations as I have struggled with anxiety and depression nearly all my life. This post is not about such touchy subjects as mental stability so I digress. I am coming back stronger than ever. Life does that to us all the time. It builds us up and sometimes we need a break to step back, to find ourselves again, and find what we want in life or even come back to those things that made us happy before. Coming back is always better than it was the first time because now you’ve learned things you didn’t know before.

During my time gone I have accomplished so much. I am now a mother to a beautiful son. I am still a writer in my heart I do miss writing a lot now and will be returning to it in the near future. I am still interested in photography. Forever in love with music. (And yes I still like to draw and craft.) These were things I shared most about on my last blog I had roughly a or so ago.

Now I have found more in life I can add to my titles. I am a licensed cosmetologist, in love with color- (always have been). Now I can focus my love for color on hair and making people happy and healthy. Along with becoming an aspiring MUA (I know, almost everyone is these days). I love it! Our hair and appearance is a different kind of artistic therapy. I have always had a yearning for making statements, being eccentric, colorful, and different from my surroundings. Art is everywhere. My soul lives for it.

All of these things I have mentioned will likely be shared on this blog if it is something you are interested in also follow me. Or you can follow me for any random everyday life posts I may share if it’s something that’s struck your reading fancy. Shareing information with others has been another something I have simply enjoyed- I don’t even know why, I just like connecting with people. Technology is a bitter yet sweet gift.

What else can I say? How should I close this? Except maybe, Follow me, ask questions, and… be nice to people then they will be nice to you- if they are not then there is always the block button (; Have a blessed day!